What is a Lift Gate?

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Product Description

A lift gate is a mechanical device attached to the back of a truck so that a heavy object can be lifted to or from the ground. This device is especially important to a typical residence where there is no loading dock. Without this device, a residential customer is responsible for bringing the freight off the truck and any damage due to dropping on the ground. Our lift gate fee is additional, NOT part of the shipping cost on some items.

Consumer Alert: One of the latest "FREE SHIPPING" and other low-ball gimmicks from our pretentious competitors (See paragraph 1 on this page ) is to cut corners on shipping by skipping the residential and lift gate services, which are essential part of the delivery of heavy items to regular consumers. A shipping company is forced to bill a consumer these fees directly. These fees are very costly, often averaging $150. If you order through these dubious sites, make sure you specify these delivery components in your order and confirm them with the shipping company prior to delivery. If these services are not included, refuse the delivery.

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