LG Washer / Dryer Pedestal Coupon

Item# lgwadrpeco

Product Description

Buy any pedestal, i.e. WDP4W, WDP4V, WDP4R and WDP4C, get a 100 discount off of your order total. Simply place the order and call us at 817-766-4200 with the order number. We will apply the discount immediately. This offer ends on 05/08/2011.

The qualifying models are: WM2140CW WM2240CW WM2301HW WM2350HRC WM2350HWC WM3360HVCA WM3360HRCA WM3360HWCA WM3875HWCA WM3875HVCA WM3885HWCA WM3885HCCA WM3455HS WM3455HW WM3987HW

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